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I am makeing one android app.

I have list of product.

If i choose one product at that time that product share on Linkedin with user name.

I want this like below code(sample code of twitter share). I want same for Linkedin.

private final static Handler mTwitterHandler = new Handler();
    private static SharedPreferences prefs;

    public static boolean TWEET_LOGIN = false;

    final static Runnable mUpdateTwitterNotification = new Runnable() {
        public void run() {


    public static void sendTweet(Context con, final String msj) {

        prefs = PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(con);

        Thread t = new Thread() {
            public void run() {

                try {
                    TwitterUtils.sendTweet(prefs, msj);
                } catch (Exception ex) {
                    Log.d("dhaval-->send tweet:", ex.getMessage().toString());


It is possible or not if yes then how?

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I have used linkedin-j-android.jar download

put this code in to AsyncTask for do in background

private void shareText_new() {

        // TODO Auto-generated method stub
        try {

            final LinkedInApiClientFactory factory = LinkedInApiClientFactory
                    .newInstance(generalClass.APIKEY, generalClass.APISECRET);
            final LinkedInApiClient client = factory.createLinkedInApiClient(
                    generalClass._Token1, generalClass._Secret1);

            client.postNetworkUpdate("hello DJ");
                    .println("Your update has been posted. Check the LinkedIn site for confirmation.");

            System.out.println("Fetching your network updates of type:"
                    + NetworkUpdateType.STATUS_UPDATE);
            Network network = client.getNetworkUpdates(EnumSet
        } catch (Exception e) {
            // TODO: handle exception
            Log.e("error share st--->", "" + e.getMessage().toString());

reference link checkit


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