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Adding a list item via the SharePoint web service model, any idea how to add an attachment to the list item?

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Thanks for adding these questions and answers into the system. Could you please tag your questions with sharepoint? The web services apply to both WSS 3.0 and SharePoint 2007. Thanks! – Alex Angas Oct 2 '09 at 13:50
Sure thing Alex, retagged this one, will tag em correctly in the future. – JL. Oct 5 '09 at 10:08
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wsLists.AddAttachment(this.ListName, listItemID, safeFileName(attachment.Name), File.ReadAllBytes(attachment.FullName));

safeFileName function =

 private string safeFileName(string filename)
            filename = filename.Replace(@"\", "");
            filename = filename.Replace(@"/", "");
            filename = filename.Replace(@":", "");
            filename = filename.Replace(@"*", "");
            filename = filename.Replace(@"?", "");
            filename = filename.Replace(@"""", "");
            filename = filename.Replace(@"<", "");
            filename = filename.Replace(@">", "");
            filename = filename.Replace(@"|", "");
            filename = filename.Replace(@"#", "");
            filename = filename.Replace(@"{", "");
            filename = filename.Replace(@"}", "");
            filename = filename.Replace(@"%", "");
            filename = filename.Replace(@"~", "");
            filename = filename.Replace(@"&", "");
            return filename; 
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Ah, awesome. Thanks for the safe filename function. I have to implement this very thing next week. – Chrisb Oct 3 '09 at 4:05

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