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OK, so here I am again facing the dreaded message sent to deallocated instance...

  • I'm using DMTabBar (basically an Xcode-like TabBar control)
  • ARC is enabled

Now, here's the deal :

  • The example accompanying the control works fine
  • I've enabled Zombies (and even trying debugging using Instruments, though - to be honest - I don't know what to be looking for)
  • The deallocated instance is the tabBarItems array of the TabBar (the one hosting the different buttons).

This is how I add the items :

NSMutableArray* sidebarItems = [@[
        [DMTabBarItem tabBarItemWithIcon:[NSImage templateImageNamed:@"One" withSize:iconSize] tag:0 tooltip:@"Files"],
        [DMTabBarItem tabBarItemWithIcon:[NSImage templateImageNamed:@"Two" withSize:iconSize] tag:1 tooltip:@"Explorer"],
        [DMTabBarItem tabBarItemWithIcon:[NSImage templateImageNamed:@"Three" withSize:iconSize] tag:2 tooltip:@"Bookmarks"],
        [DMTabBarItem tabBarItemWithIcon:[NSImage templateImageNamed:@"Four" withSize:iconSize] tag:3 tooltip:@"Search"]
    ] mutableCopy];

[sidebarTabs setTabBarItems:items];

// Handle selection events
[sidebarTabs handleTabBarItemSelection:^(DMTabBarItemSelectionType selectionType, DMTabBarItem *targetTabBarItem, NSUInteger targetTabBarItemIndex) {
        if (selectionType == DMTabBarItemSelectionType_WillSelect) {
            [sidebarTabView selectTabViewItem:[sidebarTabView.tabViewItems objectAtIndex:targetTabBarItemIndex]];
        } else if (selectionType == DMTabBarItemSelectionType_DidSelect) {

This is how the different elements are declared :

@interface myAppl : NSWindowController
    IBOutlet DMTabBar* sidebarTabs;
    IBOutlet NSTabView* sidebarTabView;

And this is DMTabBar's interface (the most "important" part) :

@interface DMTabBar : NSView {


// set an NSArray of DMTabBarItem elements to populate the DMTabBar
@property (nonatomic,strong) NSArray*           tabBarItems;

// change selected item by passing a DMTabBarItem object (ignored if selectedTabBarItem is not contained inside tabBarItems)
@property (nonatomic,assign) DMTabBarItem*      selectedTabBarItem;

Could you please explain to me what it is that I'm doing wrong? I'm definitely not a guru with Memory Management (yep, I admit I have some studying to do) but I'm definitely gonna kill myself over this one...

I'm setting the tabBarItems and they seem to be there (at least at first). Why are they being released? (remember both the control and project code use ARC).

Any ideas? (Please let me know in case you need to know anything else...)

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Ewwwww, iVar IBOutlets! What is this, ObjC 1.0? – CodaFi Feb 26 '13 at 6:51
@CodaFi Initially they were declared as properties, but I'm so desperate that I keep trying every single possible combination... – Dr.Kameleon Feb 26 '13 at 6:55
Is it possible that you might have a threading problem? UIKit and threads do not agree in the slightest. – CodaFi Feb 26 '13 at 8:14
@CodaFi Thanks for having a look at the issue. However, I've managed to fix it (and as it usually happens with such issues, there is nothing universally comprehensible I could post regarding the solution). Btw, the post (as tagged) is not about Cocoa Touch and UIKit, but OSX-related. – Dr.Kameleon Feb 26 '13 at 8:48

Did you try running with the usual memory debugging techniques, i.e.

  • Instruments with Zombies, and
  • setting the various flags in Xcode's Edit Scheme > Diagnostics > Memory Management tab?
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1) I'm not sure how Instruments should be used, 2) As mentioned, I've already identified which specific object is being released. So? – Dr.Kameleon Feb 26 '13 at 6:58

Only use assign when it's not an object, delegate, and IBoutlet.

change this:

@property (nonatomic,assign) DMTabBarItem*      selectedTabBarItem;

to this:

@property (nonatomic,strong) DMTabBarItem*      selectedTabBarItem;
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