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Can Any one Tell me how to solve this Error... My X-Code is Version 4.5. My IOS Simulator is Version 4.3

clang: error: invalid deployment target for -stdlib=libc++ (requires iOS 5.0 or later)

Command /Applications/ failed with exit code 1

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Projects created using Xcode 4.5 use libc++ implementation of the standard C++ library. But the libc++ library is available only on iOS 5.0 and later, So, if you want to enable deployment on earlier releases of iOS in your project, set the C++ Standard Library build setting to libstdc++ (Gnu C++ standard library).

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In your case, Your Project is not support your default deployment target so, you need to change it (if 5.0 deployment target not available then update your system)

This Screen Shot describe how to change deployment target:

enter image description here

All Step (For Change deployment target) are i added to this screen shot.

1) Select Project From your Project Navigation Bar
2) Select Project Targets
3) select Summary tab
4) select and change Deployment Target.

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