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I am trying to learn some kinetic.js. I heve some problem with following example:

What does this part actually do:

stage.getDragLayer().beforeDraw(function() {
      drawCurves(curveLayer.getCanvas(), layer.quad, layer.bezier);

I mean getDragLayer() method and beforeDraw() method.

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kinetic js uses a temporary drag layer which it places nodes (shapes) in when you drag so that the drawing is done faster. so getDragLayer references the temporary drag layer. – SoluableNonagon Feb 26 '13 at 14:29
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KineticJS builds a specialized layer that handles drag/drops.

getDragLayer() gets a reference to this layer.

beforeDraw() allows a function to be executed before any drawing related to the drag/drop are started. In this case, drawCurves() and updateDottedLines() are called--these 2 functions are defined in the demo you're learning.

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