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As you might have come accross, MS Excel tends to convert times to decimal values. I do want it to convert the values automatically because I need the time value. Suppose I have following data:

Departure | Time

Istanbul 06:45 Ankara 01:30

I am using Concatenate function to create a desired string as Istanbul: 08:00 and Ankara: 18:30. However, when I use the formula, Excel converts hours to decimals and I get Istanbul: 0.28125 and Ankara: 0.0625. I do not want it to convert. How can I do this?

ps: This also happens when I copy time values from Excel to Notepad++. Moreover, when I import time values into PostgreSQL through add-in, I still get decimal values in the columns

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You want to use the TEXT function to convert the time into the text format that you require. Something like this:

=CONCATENATE("Istanbul: ", TEXT(A1,"hh:mm"), " and Ankara: "18:30, TEXT(A2,"hh:mm"))
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Just when I found the solution! Thank you very much, this was really a pain and now it works like a charm! –  iso_9001_ Feb 26 '13 at 9:03

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