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I have created date range attribute that looks like this:

[DateRange(Min = "Today")]

Inside this attribute I get min date like this:

var minDate = DateTime.Now;

EDIT: Here is more code:

private DateTime _minDate = DateTime.Today.AddYears(-100);
private DateTime _maxDate = DateTime.MaxValue;

// String representation of the Min Date (yyyy/MM/dd)
public string Min
    get { return FormatDate(_minDate, DateTime.Today.AddYears(-100)); }
    set { _minDate = value == "Today" ? DateTime.Today : ParseDate(value, DateTime.Today.AddYears(-100)); }
// String representation of the Max Date (yyyy/MM/dd)
public string Max
    get { return FormatDate(_maxDate, DateTime.MaxValue); }
    set { _maxDate = value == "Today" ? DateTime.Today : ParseDate(value, DateTime.MaxValue); }

Because of the nature of attributes, minDate is set only once when compiled. Can you show me alternative way of implementing this functionality?

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Alternative, as in what way? –  Steve Py Feb 26 '13 at 8:40

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Use CustomValidator.

Come to think of it, what if you mark the contents (minDate) as volatile? Please do and report back whether it works or not. If it works I have some updates to do myself.

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