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As mentioned in the title, I am having the problem of ambiguous reference between two using directive.

One is the System.Windows.Forms:

using System.Windows.Forms;

Another one is from a custom library, Arction API:

using Arction.LightningChartUltimate;

I would like to use the scroll bar class available in Arction instead of the standard window one.

So, how could I disable to use of scroll bar class in Windows.Form to resolve the ambiguous reference problem?

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The simplest method is to use the fully qualified name Arction.LightningChartUltimate.ScrollBar.

Alternative you can create a namespace alias: using arc = Arction.LightningChartUltimate and then use arc.ScrollBar in your code or a type alias using arcScrollBar = Arction.LightningChartUltimate.ScrollBar and then use acrScrollBar in your code.

Update: you can actually "override" a specific typename with a typealias: using ScrollBar = Arction.LightningChartUltimate.Scrollbar; actually makes all further references to ScrollBar refer to the on in the Action namespace.

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Add the following using directive:

using ScrollBar = Arction.LightningChartUltimate.Scrollbar;

Then, when you refer to ScrollBar in your code, it will be Arction.LightningChartUltimate.ScrollBar

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Also, see here:… – Oscar Mederos Feb 26 '13 at 8:30

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