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I'm new to jQuery but I am already incredibly impressed with its power. Here's my question:

I want to

  • add class='dec' to #jf1 when I click it if it has class='undec'
  • add class='undec' to #jf1 when I click it if it has class='dec'

Here's what I have - it isn't working!

$(function() {

    $('#jf1').click(function() {

        if ('#jf1'.hasClass("undec")) {
            $('#jf1').toggleClass("undec dec");
        else if ('#jf1'.hasClass("dec")) {
            $('#jf1').toggleClass("dec undec";


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why you use $(document) and $(function) both together ? – Devang Rathod Feb 26 '13 at 8:12
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There are several syntax errors in your code, your if statement should be:

if ( $('#jf1').hasClass("undec") ) {

Also $(function(){}) is shorthand version of $(document).ready(function(){}), you should not nest them. toggleClass removes and adds classes, so there is no need to use if statement here.

$(function() {
    $('#jf1').click(function() {
        // `this` refers to the clicked element
        $(this).toggleClass("undec dec");
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Hey thanks for the quick response. I agree that .toggleClass is perfect for this - but I wanted to use an if/else statement because when I click the item, I also want to .show or .hide an element based on its CSS class, based on whether or not the "filter" has class='dec' or class='undec' – user2110307 Feb 26 '13 at 8:47

try this:

 $(document).ready(function () {
    $('#jf1').click(function () {


dont need the function again after the jQuery(document).ready portion

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