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I know that mongoose.model("myModel") returns the myModel model. But how can I get Mongoose to give me an array/object/list of all models, that are currently registered?

I think that somewhat is a design flaw.

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As of now, there is an offcial way: Mongoose#modelNames().

You can access an object of all your models via mongoose.models. This looks like that:

  { myModel:
    { [Function: model]
      modelName: 'myModel',
      auth: [Function],
      model: [Function: model],
      options: undefined,
      db: [Object],
      schema: [Object],
      collection: [Object],
      base: [Circular] } },

In my opinion fiddling around with API private stuff is bad, so this is a little bit of a design flaw of Mongoose (See LearnBoost/mongoose#1362).

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The feature has been added –  aarosil Feb 9 at 19:28
Thanks. I updated the answer. –  buschtoens Feb 11 at 19:34

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