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I take unknown repository error when I build my Github repo on campfire like below:

hubot ci build scholar
Unknown repository: "scholar"

Here my Janky heroku logs:

2013-02-26T07:53:58+00:00 heroku[router]: at=info method=POST
path=/_hubot/uygulama/master?room_id=552860&user=jankycamp fwd="" dyno=web.1 queue=0
wait=0ms connect=1ms service=6ms status=404 bytes=30'

I get the status 404 in this log. Im realy bogged down and can't solve this issue. Waiting for your ideas.

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Make sure you've ran your setup first. - hubot ci setup user/repo - and that that's returned properly first. – Mez Jul 8 '14 at 11:51

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If this is the only job that you have, you may want to validate your setup.

I would: - make sure that my project setup looks correct and go through janky documentation once again to see if I may have missed a step - go through the logical chain of access and validate if the various services are running and available/accessible (janky, jenkins, github repo)
- validate through the console of jenkins that I have the jobs that I expect

Usually, looking at the logs/consoles of mentioned applications can give you a better clue.

If your happen to have other jobs and this one is the only that is unavailable, I would look at the permissions primarily.

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