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Is there any tool to explore properties of GUI controls (such as "Text" or "Location") from a running .NET application?

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Hawkeye can do this. With it, you can inspect any .Net GUI and view the properties of its controls.

Additionally, Microsoft have a tool called UISpy (that is part of the Windows SDK) that does a similar job. This is basically a .Net version of Spy++.

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My favourite is Snoop which includes a great exploded 3D view of the layout, great for seeing how things nest.

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Snoop only works with WPF. It does not work with Windows Forms. –  adrianbanks Oct 2 '09 at 10:36

I've used AutoIt for this kind of thing.

It comes with a tool which allows you to inspect all the elements of a GUI. Seemed to work pretty well for me. AutoIt scripts can be pretty useful too, allowing you to access these GUI element values programmatically.

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