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Okay I'm in front of a little internal debate. I'm trying to decide what design pattern I should use for my ASP.NET webshop application.I've been searching for a few and these are the ones i find most interesting

  • MVC
  • MVP
  • MVVM

So I'm trying to decide which one to pick. Therefor this question. What are the pro's and contra's. Which one is more advisable for my application.

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I would go with ASP.NET MVC.


  1. gives all the goodness associated with separation of concerns, e.g. unit-testing is easy
  2. MVVM can be used with MVC
  3. good community support and examples

MVP has it's benefits, but doesn't beat 1 and 2, and certainly doesn't come anywhere near 3.

Possible cons

  1. your team is already highly skilled with another pattern/architecture
  2. You don’t need decoupling or therefore the associated complexity

However, MVC isn't particularly difficult so I wouldn't use that as a reason to ignore it. Also, only the most basic application doesn't need decoupling so con 2 probably doesn't apply for the vast majority of cases.

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Thanks for the answer – Nicolas Pierre Feb 26 '13 at 9:48

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