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whats the best practice to load series data via JSON into a given chart with the new Highcharts Beta 3 and the data.src.js?

Was reading about the complete in the docs in data.src.js and was not sure if it fits the BP way now to load multiple series data using $.getJSON from jQuery.

Would be great if you can provide an example.

The standard example provided by HS (for e.g. CSV, google):

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data.src.js is a script which parse data only from googlespreadsheet / CSV and HTML object, bt not from your custom JSON.

"Complete:" is only callback, which is run after i.e csv or spreadhseed data load.

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Thanks for your answer. So i missunderstud the description in the data.src.js. – Michael Scholz Feb 27 '13 at 10:25

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