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I need a way to display videos from a specific channel on a page using PHP.

I have authenticated my app and I can use some methods using the advanced API. I am using the official vimeo PHP library to connect.

Below is what I am trying to do and when I dump the array I do not get anything. I can get info back from using get videos from the entire account method.

$vimeo = new phpVimeo('number', 'number');

$videos = $vimeo->call('vimeo.channels.getVideos', array('ACCOUNT' => 'NAME'));

If I put the channel name where ACCOUNT is I will get an invalid signature error.

Is it worth using something like simple HTML parser for PHP and doing it that or worth sticking with the advanced API?

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Just a suggestion, you can also directly use a plugin like Youmax to display videos from any Vimeo channel or User. Cheers :) –  Patrick Jul 28 at 16:35

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I would highly advise using the advanced api. If you parse the html, it will break any time vimeo changes their channel pages. Additionally, channels have more than one layout

eg: vimeohq and nicetype

The second parameter of the "call" function should be any querystring parameters the api method requires.

In the case of "vimeo.channels.getVideos" you can provide

  • channel_id
  • user_id
  • page
  • per_page
  • summary_response
  • full_response.

To experiment with the getVideos method, you can use the playground.

So in the end, I believe you want the function to look like this..

$videos = $vimeo->call('vimeo.channels.getVideos', array('channel_id' => 'NAME'));

where NAME is either the channel id, or the channel name (the channel name matches the url slug, so for example "nicetype" not "nice type"

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Thank you. I used the advanced API and it works well. –  Daniel Mar 22 '13 at 12:39

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