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i've encountered a usual scipy.interpolate error :

>>> sx = interpolate.UnivariateSpline(T,X)
  File "...scipy/interpolate/fitpack2.py", line 143, in __init__
dfitpack.error: (m>k) failed for hidden m: fpcurf0:m=3

Is there some Python Exception attached to this error ? (i just want to intercept the exception and ignore it)

If not, how can I do to continue running my program ? Thanks

I'm back a few hours later, to give a solution :

this piece of code, to catch exception and raise my own exception.:

try : 
   sx = interpolate.UnivariateSpline(X,Y)
except : 
   raise PyGlideSplineError("%s : impossible de calculer la spline"%whoami())

It works !!!

Thank you

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Pierre: not that I directly know of, but any chance you can make a self-contained program that reproduces this? (That is, add values for T and X so other people can try this as well.) –  Evert Feb 26 '13 at 10:38

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scipy.interpolate.dfitpack is an extension that does not seem to expose the exception type directly to Python. However, you can cause a deliberate error to scare the exception from its hiding place, catch it, and store its type in a variable:

from scipy.interpolate import dfitpack

    dfitpack.sproot(-1, -1, -1)
except Exception, e:
    dfitpack_error = type(e)

    dfitpack.sproot(-1, -1, -1)
except dfitpack_error:
    print "Got it!"
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