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i'm trying to compile the ootb web_ui sample. (Using Generate Sample Content - Web Application (using the web_ui library)

I have updated to latest editor 0.0.0_r18915 and have run pub update but am getting

Internal error:

Error: line 250 pos 24: wrong number of type arguments in type 'Comparable'
class Level implements Comparable<Level> {


Anyone have any ideas?

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Got the same problem here, and after some time, i've decided to pay attention at the stack trace... It says "Wrong number of type arguments in type 'Comparable'". Then, i just opened "logging.dart" and changed this:

class Level implements Comparable<Level> {

to this:

class Level implements Comparable {

Don't know if i did right, but worked fine for me. If someone knows the right way to do it, please, let us know ;)

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I had this with the newest build as well. On a Macbook Pro 10.7 . Solution worked for me. – Stephen Cagle Feb 28 '13 at 6:20
  1. Click Dart Editor (menu item) -> About Dart Editor.
  2. Click the Download Update button.
  3. After the update has downloaded, install/apply the update.
  4. After the installation is complete, go to Tools (menu item) -> Pub Install.
  5. Go to Tools (menu item) -> Pub Update.

After doing those five steps, I am able to compile the code.

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