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Company policy has caused us to migrate from Source Gear - Vault to TFS 2010. So here I am at my first check in and I notice I can only provide 1 single comment.

In vault my pending changes had a comments box which I could keep updated per file, so say I had ten files checked out.

File 1 - Comment A
File 2 - Comment B
File 3 - Comment C
File 10 - Comment J

Then I also could provide a general comment indicating what the change set for.

In TFS it appears that there is only 1 single comment box per change set? Is there no way of entering comments per file as I go?

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No you cannot provide comments per file. Comments are always per Changeset, and thus for multiple files at once. Checking in files individually is not a good idea, since that will probably cause a lot of issues with Continuous Integration builds should you go towards build, test and deployment automation.

Generally you will associate a checkin with a task, you can describe in detail what you did or were planning to do as part of the task description.

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I find this unfortunate. I always have performed a changeset in vault. I.e 10 files was one atomic check-in, but I had 11 comments. 1 Change set defining what was all changing, but then extra details per file – user2110784 Feb 26 '13 at 12:30
Sorry :S... But this is how it is... You could cobble something together using a custom checkin policy and a checkin-note containing an XML structure or a custom field on the task workitem. Not pretty, but it might work ;). – jessehouwing Feb 26 '13 at 16:38

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