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I'm trying to cut everything between the 2nd and 18th character using cut -c-2-18- filename. This cuts specified characters on every line but I'd like to cut it only from lines beginning with >.

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awk '/^\>/{print substr($0,2,17)}' your_file
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Something like

grep ^\> file | cut -c 2-18

Should do the trick?

[92][11:46:21] vlazarenko@alluminium (~/tests) > grep ^\> file | cut -c 2-18
[93][11:46:25] vlazarenko@alluminium (~/tests) > cat file
> asdf
> bcda
> ofpjg
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@sudo-o: original way of adding alternatives ;) – favoretti Feb 26 '13 at 11:23

You can you do this with GNU grep alone:

$ cat file
>grep from 2 to 18 character line 1
>grep from 2 to 18 character line 2
grep from 2 to 18 character line 3
grep from 2 to 18 character line 4

$ grep -Po '(?<=^>).{17}' file
grep from 2 to 18
grep from 2 to 18

This uses positive lookbehind to only match lines starting with > and .{17} matches the next 17 characters.

Or with awk:

$ awk '/^>/{print substr($0,2,18)}' file
grep from 2 to 18 
grep from 2 to 18 
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