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I want to load mono assemblies from memory. So instead of using the usual mono_domain_assembly_open I use mono_image_open_from_data. The returned image and assembly are OK and the status is MONO_IMAGE_OK.

        m_valid = true;

        mono_set_dirs(assembliesDir.c_str(), configDir.c_str());

        MonoImageOpenStatus status = MONO_IMAGE_ERROR_ERRNO;

        m_image = mono_image_open_from_data(data, size, 1, &status);

        if(status != MONO_IMAGE_OK || m_image == NULL) {
            m_valid = false;


        m_assembly = mono_assembly_load_from( m_image, assembliesName.c_str(), &status);

        if(status != MONO_IMAGE_OK || m_assembly == NULL) {
            m_valid = false;


However when I try to get a class from the assembly using :

MonoClass *my_class = mono_class_from_name (m_image, name_space.c_str(), name.c_str());

I get my_class == NULL. When I use the usual mono_image_open_from_data Mono returns a valid class instance. I suspect that the method doesn't load correctly all the references. Do you have any suggestions or workarounds ?

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