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I save uploaded image files in tomcat or portlet temporary directory, and I want to display them. I know their path in server file system, but how generate a right path for displaying it on portlet's page? It must become from smth like:




How to get it?

I know how it is done from portlets resources folder:


But how to display image from some server directory in portlet?

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You can't access images from another server using #{resource['image']} , You can either

1) give the full image path in xhtml

2) Keep the image paths in CSSfile and use CSS classes in xhtml.

3) create a common util function or ResourceHelper ApplicationScoped Bean that has something like
getResource(String imageName) which returns the correct URL. You
can then use it in your xhtml as

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If you only need to display content (without permission check), you can use Tomcat. Put file into /webapps/portlet-name/html/ (or temp/portlet-name/html/) directory. As a result: http://site.com/portlet-name/html/image.jpg

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