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When I click button I want to add one button to panel, which I did, but my program doesn't work like before. This is my program before:

enter image description here

South panel with pink buttons is cardlayout panel. When I click gray buttons on east, card panels changed. When I click pink button, this happened:

enter image description here

One pink button setText to one label. After I add one button to cardpanel "TOPLI NAPICI" this happened:

enter image description here

As you can see, one button "moka" add to panel,which I want, but when I click one button, it setText twice, only new button (in this case "MOKA") setText once. This happened also with other panels in cardpanel:

enter image description here

this is part of my code when I click button to add new button

    if (enter == JOptionPane.OK_OPTION) {
    Double price1=Double.parseDouble(priceField.getText());

    String name1= productField.getText();

        Product name = new Product(name1, price1);
        Application .manu.add(name);

        if (field.getSelectedItem().equals("TOPLI  NAPICI")){

            for(Controller c:Controller) {
            c.tnp.add(new JButton(name1));//c is panel , holds all panels
;// is panel which is changed( adding one button), cardpanel
         c.panels();//create all panels which is removed

    System.out.print( c.tnp.size());//tnp is a list with buttons, shows that add one more button, that is correct


Like it duplicate panels, or when I click button it clicked twice. Is it possible? And although I changed only one panel in cardlayout ("TOPLI NAPICI"),it changed in all panels in cardlayout ("SOKOVI" and "ALKOHOL") What is wrong?

Thanks for any help.

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what is the event which you are acting upon? If it is, indeed, related to the amount of times you register the click, then I suggest using the mouseUp event. –  CosminO Feb 26 '13 at 11:43
I think your GUI should be totally redesigned. Instead of this GUI which causes a lot of problems you could: Use JTabbedPane (set on SOUTH) with 3 tabs and set JTable (for every type of drink) in each tab. Each JTable would contain list of articles. Then you could add some button so you can add articles to your bill. Also, one JTable can replace all those JLabels and JComboBoxes. Btw, how do think to print a report? –  Branislav Lazic Feb 26 '13 at 14:16
You are right. When I start with this, I had idea, but no expirience. Can I set table empty and fill it by click a button. Can my program look the same with table instead of labels, comboboxes....? –  Mikky Feb 26 '13 at 19:42

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  • no idea whats LayoutManager is used, nothing talking about CardLayout, for better help sooner post an SSCCE, short, runnable, compilable, just about JPanel with CardLayout and one JButton for code posted here,

  • images posted here without code not helped

  • CardLayout by default never required call for revalidate() & repaint(), all those notifiers are implemented in API by default

  • this isn't proper way

.;// is panel which is changed( adding one button), cardpanel
c.panels();//create all panels which is removed
  • apply all changes to already visible GUI (remove, add, modify, relayout), then last two code lines should be revalidate() & repaint(), for 1st. container where are changes done, or if there are changed a few containers, then to call their joined container

  • up to Java7 is required to use validate() & repaint() for JFrame, JDialog, JWindow, in the Java7 is implemented revalidate() for Top Level Containers too,, the same as for JPanel (for example)

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