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I just integrated Twitter with OAuth into my Android application, and now I wanted to change the rigths of my application. Instead of all the listed rights in my screenshot, I just want my app to publish tweets at the timeline. (don't want to scare people of, because I don't want to have access to their profile...) enter image description here

But I'm a bit lost with the twitter-API and the only thing I found so far, is in the Application settings to change the Application Type to 'Read',Read & Write or Read & Write and Access direct messages.

So question is: How can I limit the permissions of my application?

//f.e. Integration Facebook SDK: here you can set different types,like
// "only allow application to post something in your name"...
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Hey did you ever find an answer for this? - I'm stuck on it too. –  Kibi Apr 19 at 15:14
nope, there s nothing hidden in their api, so i guess it s not possible... –  longilong Apr 27 at 15:48
Right, all I managed to do was change my apps permissions from the highest to Read and Write (which is only a bit better) –  Kibi Apr 27 at 16:39

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