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I have three rails models: Usage(month, amount), Project(title, description) & Project_savings(amount).

Each project will have a project_saving.amount associated with it for every instance of usage.month. So, each usage will have_many project_savings (one for each project) and each project will have_many project_savings (one for each usage month). Each project_saving.amount for each project is equal to usage.amount for that month.

I was trying to do this like so:

Project has_many :project_savings,
        has_many :usages, through :project_savings

Usage   has_many :project_savings
        has_many :projects, through :project_savings

Project_saving belongs_to :usage, :project

Would I put the code to calculate this in the project_savings model? If I put the following in my ProjectSaving model:

Project.all.each do |p|
  Usage.all.each do |u|
    p.create_project_saving(amount: u.amount)

Would this associate both the usage_id and project_id to the project_saving automatically, or would I need to manually put in p.create_project_saving(usage_id:u.id, amount:u.amount)??


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To be honest, your text is quite confusing.

I think an important first step would be reading the railsguide about associations:


Now with regard to the question "Should i set up a :through somehwere here?":

A has_many :through relationship is used if you have a relationship model which is a independent entity. Simply put, only if you actually want to add something to the relationship itself you should use has_many :through. Otherwise, you would use the simpler has_and_belongs_to_many association (with a join table).

If you want me to give a more concrete answer to your post, you should really think about how you want your models to interact with each other. For example, is Project_saving a related to both Usage and Project or is does it only belong to Project? Etc. your description makes it hard to decipher what you actually want your models to do.

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Yeah I'm finding it quite hard to work out what I want to be honest, I thought the question was a bit cryptic after I reread it! I think I'll resubmit a new one and link to it here when I get home this evening. –  KevL Feb 26 '13 at 12:59
You could just edit your question. If I would take a guess now it seems you need a nested has_many :through, as in: guides.rubyonrails.org/… (just before 2.5) –  Peter de Ridder Feb 26 '13 at 13:06
Cheers @PeterdeRidder, I had actually just read through that before posting the question, but was a bit too tired to make sense! In any case, I've updated the question now, if you can make sense of it! –  KevL Feb 27 '13 at 10:23

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