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I've managed to access LibreOffice.calc, open my file, select my sheet and getValue() and getFormula()... That is, my job is (nearly) done, but... the PyUno bridge is just a bridge and not very Pythonic.

For instance, for sheet in sheets: throws the following exception: TypeError: 'pyuno' object is not iterable

So, the question is if somebody, somewhere, has an Open Source Pythonic library to the LibreOffice (calc) object model?

off = LibreOffice()
calc = off.Open(file)
sheets = calc.getSheets()
for sheet in sheets:
    rng = sheet.Range("A1:C5")
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There is not such a thing, yet. I have been experimenting with such a thing myself here are work, not clear if it will ever be released. My approach was to take the doxygen output and use that as input to a code generator to create a set of wrapper classes, these could then be even implemented in python for test frames.

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