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I have a String:

$data = "String contains works like apples, peaches, banana, bananashake, appletart";

I also have 2 std arrays as follows that contain a number of words:

$profanityTextAllowedArray = array();
$profanityTextNotAllowedArray = array();


    [0] => apples
    [1] => kiwi
    [2] => mango
    [3] => pineapple

How can I take the string $data and first remove any words from the $profanityTextAllowedArray and then check the string $data for any words in the $profanityTextNotAllowedArray which should be flagged?

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Something like this can help you:

$data = "apples, peaches, banana, bananashake, appletart";

$allowedWords = array('apples', 'peaches', 'banana');
$notAllowedWords = array('foo', 'appletart', 'bananashake');

$allowedWordsFilteredString = preg_replace('/\b('.implode('|', $allowedWords).')\b/', '', $data);

$wordsThatNeedsToBeFlagged = array_filter($notAllowedWords, function ($word) use ($allowedWordsFilteredString) {
    return false !== strpos($allowedWordsFilteredString, $word);

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If list of allowed or filtered words will get bigger, this will use a lot of CPU. We should always think of such cases, even while learning. –  Serge Kuharev Feb 26 '13 at 12:03
@Megakuh that's interesting. Are you poiting on the use of the pReg library or is there some other heavy CPU thing in here? –  Wouter J Feb 27 '13 at 9:47
$list = explode( ' ', $data );

foreach( $list as $key => $word ) {
  $cleanWord = str_replace( array(','), '', $word ); // Clean word from commas, etc.
  if( !in_array( $cleanWord, $profanityTextAllowedArray ) ) {

$newData = implode( ' ', $list );

Let me know if it is clear.

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wouldn't the use of trim nicer instead of str_replace to clean up the words? –  Wouter J Feb 27 '13 at 9:47
@WouterJ, yes, you are completely right! –  Serge Kuharev Feb 27 '13 at 14:39

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