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I have memory layout (In Increasing memory addr) like :

Code Section (0-4k), Data Section(4k-8k), Stack Section(8k-12k), CustomData Section(12k-16k).

I have put some special arrays, structs in Custom Data Section.

As i know, Data Segment (#DS)Selector will be used for any Data related compiler code.

So Data Section(4k-8k) will have #DS by default for all operation. Except some str op where ES may be used. Like:

mov    $0xc00,%eax
addl   $0xd, (%eax)

But, I want to use Extra Segment(#ES) selector for CustomData access. I would define a new GDT entry for ES with different Base and Limit. like:

mov    $0x3400,%eax
addl   $0xd, %es:(%eax)

So my question is:

Does GCC has any x86 compiler flag, which can be used to tell compiler that use #ES for CustomData Section code access.?

Means, compiler flag which will generate code using #ES for CustomData Section.?

Thanks in advance !!

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You are trying to revive the horrors of 16-bit x86 coding. You'll have to change the operating system and compiler first. Odds that your patches will be accepted are zero so it is a build-a-submarine-in-the-basement kind of project. –  Hans Passant Feb 26 '13 at 12:36
Is is possible by any other method? –  Rajiv Kumar Srivastav Feb 28 '13 at 5:11

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