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I have run multiple imputations using R's Amelia package and would like to use the imputed dataset to analyse Mokken Scale Analysis. But mokken requires the object to be a data frame. I tried as.data.frame(x) and as.matrix(x) but it says that it cannot coerce class amelia into a data frame or matrix.

 Error in as.data.frame.default(australia93) :
 cannot coerce class '"amelia"' into a data.frame

 Error in check.data(X) : Data are not matrix or data.frame
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The error means that R does not know how to cast the amelia object to a data.frame. Even if you succeed in getting the amelia object to a data.frame, the Mokken scale analysis routine probably expects its data in a very specific form. You need to look at what amelia offers, and what Mokken needs, and provide a translation between them.

Without more information (particularly a reproducible example), it is hard to help you more than this.

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