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In Javascript I'm looking for a regex that will convert URI to Windows format, but I'm not too familiar with URI cases to form a regex. Basically...

  • /c/myDocs/file.txt
  • //myDocs/file.txt

should be changed to


There may be other cases that I'm unaware of. Hence needing some help. All I have so far is swapping the slashes over with a replace, but not the drive name with a regex.

function pathME(apath)
    apath = apath.replace(/\//g, "\\")
    return apath;

Regex wizards, start your engines please!

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Hey Man, my solution is regex(as asked for) and copes with all drives also, and was posted before. Why didn't you like it? and is a oneliner (okay with methode chaining but still) – winner_joiner Feb 26 '13 at 15:04
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I'm assuming C drive won't be the only drive in your path strings, so wrote a small pathME() function mimicking yours. This should cover all cases that you've mentioned.

function pathME(apath) {
    //Replace all front slashes with back slashes
    apath = apath.replace(/\//g, "\\");

    //Check if first two characters are a backslash and a non-backslash character
    if (apath.charAt(0) === "\\" && apath.charAt(1) !== "\\") {
        apath = apath.replace(/\\[a-zA-Z]\\/, apath.charAt(1).toUpperCase() + ":\\");

    //Replace double backslash with C:\
    apath = apath.replace("\\\\", "C:\\");
    return apath;
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This will cover the two cases above:

mystring.replace(/^\/([^\/]?)\//, function(match, drive) {
    return (drive || 'c').toUpperCase() + ':\\';
}).replace(/\//g, '\\');
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+1 Nice approche with the function Call in the Replace Function!! ME LIKE – winner_joiner Feb 26 '13 at 12:55

This Regex should solve your question, but could be optimized Takes care of all Drive names with length 1:

   "/c/myDocs/file.txt".replace(/\//g,"\\").replace(/^(\\)(?=[^\\])/, "").replace(/^(\w)(\\)/g, "$1:\\")
  // Result is "c:\myDocs\file.txt"

Example two

"//myDocs/file.txt".replace(/\//g,"\\").replace(/^(\\)(?=[^\\])/, "").replace(/^(\w)(\\)/g, "$1:\\")
 // Result is "\\myDocs\file.txt"
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No need for any regular expressions here. You can just do it with simple string manipulation:, I think. This way you can handle errors in the input string a lot better, if you want to.

var newpath = apath.replace(/\//g, '\\');
var drive = null;
if (newpath.substring(0, 2) == '\\\\') { 
   drive = 'c';
   newpath = newpath.substring(1);
else if (newpath.substring(0, 1) == '\\') {
   drive = newpath.substring(1, newpath.indexOf('\\', 2)); 
   newpath = newpath.substring(newpath.indexOf('\\', 2));
if (drive != null) { newpath = drive + ':' + newpath; }

And on a side note: I don't know the scope of your problem, but there will be cases where this doesn't work. For example in Unix a network share would be mounted to /any/where/in/the/filesystem while in Windows you would need \\remotehost\share\, so obviously a simple conversion doesn't work here.

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-1 because a Regex Expression was searched not Js-Code – winner_joiner Feb 26 '13 at 12:53
He's come here for advice and he got the best I have. He described a problem and I gave him a solution. No need to downvote that in my opinion. If he can come up with a reasonable argument why he needs a regular expression...fine, but so far I don't see the point. – Till Helge Feb 26 '13 at 12:55
Okay i went a bit over the top there. Sorry, had too much coffee today. :) – winner_joiner Feb 26 '13 at 12:57

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