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I want to do some testing and want to know if SoapUI can handle generating requests where elements can have more than set of values. For example, if I wanted to send an XML with the body:

    <title>Little Red Riding Hood</title>
    <author>B. B. Wolf</author>
    <title>Humpty Dumpty</title>
    <author>M. Goose</author>

Sometimes I will want two books, others three, sometimes even none. Is there a way to generate functional testing using Excel or CSV for situations where there element lists (that can vary in total number of elements)? Either through Groovy or SoapUI pro? I can't seem to find anything on SoapUI's site about this type of situation.

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Refer this example it will help you also this

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Neither examples are valid. They indicate situations where there's one value for each element, in a tabular fashion. I want to know if SoapUI can handle list situations, where the size of the list of elements can change from each request. – VerticalEvent Feb 26 '13 at 13:35

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