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First, I use AsyncTask to download bitmap and contain bitmap into array.

myBitmap[0] = task.execute().get();

My first question is, if I recycle() my array of Bitmap and download by using

ASyncTask again when start Activity, This would cause any problems to memory or not.

Because if I download all Bitmap into my device, errors would occur surely. That's why I

have to download and remove them again and again.

And second question is, If I have some Bitmap as follows:

Bitmap newBitmap = myBitmap[0];

Do I have to recycle() the newBitmap to decrease memory?

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call System.gc(); – Shreesha S Feb 26 '13 at 12:52

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Yes, I think you will have to call recycle to decrease memory usage. You could do it 1. when overwriting an existing bitmap location 2. releasing all bitmaps when exiting the app 3. Keeping tabs on number of bitmaps loaded at one time.

I suggest using an LruCache to manage the bitmaps. Helpful when keeping tabs on which bitmap is used most frequently etc.

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