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So I'm looking for a vim plugin that will do the following:

On execution open a list of all names defined in all modules in the currently used virtualenv, probably from a tags file already created with ctags.

Let the user limit the list by FuzzyFinder-style controls, with the addition that it should match the file path as well as the definition.

So if the search string User gave back a set of results

User         django/contrib/auth/models.py
UserAdmin    django/contrib/auth/admin.py  

the search string User;models would limit that down to just the first line

When a desired definition is found that name is inserted into the current buffer and a corresponding import statement is added to the top of the file.

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Nothing even remotely like that exists. I think you have found your week end project. –  romainl Feb 26 '13 at 14:53

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With the built-in taglist() function, you can access the tags database (so you don't need to parse the file yourself), and FuzzyFinder allows re-use of its nice drill-down logic via fuf#callbackitem#launch(); I use this myself for custom searches. You can probably combine the two parts with a bit of map(). Inserting the selected item and its import is also just a couple of :normal or append() calls. Voilà!

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