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I'm trying to play a little bit with the Hector Object Mapper to map pojos to/from Cassandra. Since I'm a newbie in JPA standard, I'm simply trying to persist some basic beans to Cassandra and then get them back. I'm using Hector-object-mapper 3.0-04, Hectore-core 1.0-5, Cassandra server 1.2.2. So I save my SimpleBean pojo to cassandra with

EntityManagerImpl em = new EntityManagerImpl(keyspace, "it.nosql.tests");

SimpleBean simpleBean = new SimpleBean();

and then i retrieve it specifying the UUID

SimpleBean newSB = em.find(SimpleBean.class, simpleBean.getCassandraId());

Is there a way to retrieve all the SimpleBean instances persisted to Cassandra without specifying an ID? I expected to have something similar

List<SimpleBean> simpleBeanList = em.find(SimpleBean.class).asList();

Thanks, F.

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Did you find your answer elsewhere? I'm Googling this right now myself. –  Justin Mar 22 '13 at 18:44
@Justin I posted the same question on hector-users group, and they suggested to try Firebrand. I eventually ended up with Kundera, a kind of abstraction layer to interact with Cassandra and other dbs. Kundera was pretty nice and more than enough for my needs. –  deggio Apr 19 '13 at 13:36
thanks for responding. I have gone with Kundera now as well. The original Hector API was great at first but Kundera is more JPA compliant or at least abstracts enough to make it easy; perfect example of the beauty of an API :-D –  Justin Apr 25 '13 at 17:09

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