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I would like to open an omnipeek (.pkt) file in a C program. How do I do it? Conversion to .pcap and opening via pcap library results in loss of important radio information. Can I have a sample program which reads a .pkt file offline?


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Well, Wireshark is a sample program that does that, albeit a large one. See the wiretap/peekclassic.c file for the "classic" Peek format (used in older versions of WildPacket's software) and wiretap/peektagged.c for the "tagged" Peek format (used in current versions of their software).

You might want to handle more radio information in the "tagged" format than Wireshark currently handles.

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WildPackets tech support can provide you with documentation of the file format. Also, recent versions of OmniPeek will include the radio information when saving in pcap format.

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