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How do I define an extension method on F# lists?

A naive attempt like this results in error:

type list with
    member = 100
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The correct syntax is:

type List<'a> with
    member = 100

You can use the qualified name Microsoft.FSharp.Collections.List<'a> as well, but the type abbreviation list<'a> can't be used.

That said, using module functions is more idiomatic. You should make a module function to easily combine with other functions through pipe (|>) operators:

module List = 
    let abc (xs: _ list) = 100
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Thanks pad. And also for the info regarding idiomatic code. –  dharmatech Feb 27 '13 at 2:55
type Microsoft.FSharp.Collections.List<'T> with
  member x.IsNotEmpty() = not (List.isEmpty x)

let xs = [1]
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