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I have a requirement in which after Pivot, I don’t want the aggregated value, instead I need ‘Y’. For Null values it should be ‘N’. How can I achieve this? Please help me.

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You provided absolutely no details about your current table structure or data but you can use a Y/N flag in your pivot. Here is a sample solution:

select employeename,
  isnull(hr, 'N') HR,
  isnull(IT, 'N') IT
  select e.name EmployeeName,
    d.name DeptName,
    'Y' flag
  from employee e
  left join dept_employee de
    on e.id = de.e_id
  left join dept d
    on de.d_id = d.id
) src
  for deptname in (HR, IT)
) piv

See SQL Fiddle with Demo

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