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I have an issue with Smarty 2.6.9 caching, where I have a 2 templates called confirmation.tpl which are both stored in different directories in my codebase.

However, when they are complied they are compiled in a /cache/gb/ directory. For these two templates only I would like to prevent the compiling, and as such I have attempted to use the force_compile member variable, however this is having no effect at all and the template is consistently cached.

The problem that this is presenting is that both confirmation.tpl templates are being called (by separate code) on the same page, so one template is being used for both and is causing me problems.

Is there a way that I can prevent this template from being complied and cached in this way?

I am passing a flag through to set "no_compile" for the "confirmation.tpl" template ONLY.

    $this->obj = new Smarty;
    $this->obj->caching = false;
    $this->obj->cache_lifetime = 10; 
    $this->obj->compile_check = true;
    $this->obj->template_dir = $this->tpl_path;

    if ($this->no_compile) {
        $this->obj->force_compile = false;
        $this->obj->compile_check = false;
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You can use different $compile_id settings in display/fetch to get different physical files on disk (although I think Smarty should handle this automagically for you depending on the path). compile_id can also be set for {include} statements.

I'm not sure what the code you've pasted implies, but you will want to turn on force_compile to make Smarty regenerate the template each time it is shown (it's false by default).

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I think I may be barking up the wrong tree then. My problem is that when I clear the compile directory of all confirmation.tpl.php files and refresh the page the file returns, but only one file returns whereas I believe there should be two (as there are two confirmation.tpl Smarty templates called on the page). –  crmpicco Feb 26 '13 at 15:26
For those looking for this in future, this is what I done: // $this->obj is an instance of the Smarty class $compile_id = md5(__METHOD__); $output = $this->obj->fetch($top_tpl_file, null, $compile_id, $display); –  crmpicco Feb 27 '13 at 9:47

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