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I am using canvas 3d to draw a 3D graph.But by default origin of Coordinates is at top left.For which i used translate and bring it to the center of canvas as follows.

canvasElement.getContext('2d').translate(constants.canvasWidth/2,   constants.canvasHeight/2);

where canvasWidth and canvasHeight are already defined. But now i have another problem with the direction of axis.Now positive y axis is facing down and -ve y-axis facing up.How can make it proper so that +ve y-axis faces up and -ve y-axis faces down? Please help

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Instead of offsetting the centre calculate the y position. Subtract the y value from the height of the canvas/2.

x1 = canvasHeight/2 + x;
y1 = canvasHeight/2 - y;
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I have not understood what you have mentioned here.Should i use this in translate or any function? How to use it? – Navaneeth Feb 27 '13 at 5:31
Use this to translate all co-ordinates. You may also want a scaling factor. So you can fit any size graph onto the canvas. If you want 3D graphs you'll probably want to use Transformation Matrices. – QuentinUK Feb 27 '13 at 11:22

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