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I want to extract parts from for example tm_sec or tm_min only, as a simple int (not array or string) how is that and possible (if it is) if something I do not need 100% correct time as of I do it for my own interests and just want ot know the way how to do it. Before tried with to do something with

time_t rawtime;
struct tm * timeinfo;
char buffer [80];

time (&rawtime);
timeinfo = localtime (&rawtime);
strftime (buffer,80,"Now it's %H:%M.",timeinfo);
puts (buffer);

But lack of experience stopped me, and now I have no idea what to do (just a beginner in programming)And of course sorry if there was a question like this, but I`ve tried and have not found it.

*The purpose of this is not to display only the parts I want but to edit them

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Don't forget that year is coded as 'year - 1900' (so you have to add 1900 to get the actual calendar year), and that month is encoded with 0 for January to 11 for December (so you need to add one to get the normal month number). And the mktime() function can take a modified struct tm and convert it back to a time_t. – Jonathan Leffler Feb 26 '13 at 14:55
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Simply access the members of the struct:

printf("The tm_seconds field is %d\n", timeinfo->tm_sec);

In other words, if you have a pointer to a value of type struct tm, you can use the arrow operator (->) to access any of the members. The tm_sec member has type int, like all the other members.

You could copy the value:

int my_seconds = timeinfo->tm_sec;

and then print the copy, too:

printf("my seconds are %d\n", my_seconds);
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Thank you very much, I would give you rep, but do not have the ability to do so :) – undefined Feb 26 '13 at 14:52
@undefined: in a few minutes, you will be able to accept the answer, which will also give you some rep. – Jonathan Leffler Feb 26 '13 at 14:57
Now I can give the rep, and also mark as complete, thank you very much again, you`ve saved my enthusiasm – undefined Feb 26 '13 at 15:00

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