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So I am using Wix to install my application, it works great and does everything that I need. The one issue I am having now is this. I am using the following command line argument in my VS 2010 Pre-build Event command:

heat.exe dir "C:\My Main Folder" -cg MyApplication -gg -scom -sreg -sfrag -dr APPLICATIONROOTDIRECTORY -var var.MyApplication -out "..\..\MyApplication.wxs"

My issue is that the .wxs file that is generated gives me the following folder structure:

        <Directory Id="dirB19DCB4311BD6C765579FE56A2C72DF8" Name="My Main Folder">

My question is if there is a way to pass in an argument that could change the name of the "My Main Folder" directory, because as of right now I am changing it manually but this is extremely inefficant and makes it so that we cannot have an automated build process. If anyone has any suggestions or places I could look that would be great! Right now I am leveraging the "WiX: A Developer's Guid to Windows Installer XML" book to try and find a solution but am not finding anything.

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Depending on exactly what you are aiming to do, I would be tempted to use -srd to suppress the generation of the root directory and then change the -dr parameter to point at the directory with the correct name.

Other than that, I think the only other simple option is probably an XSL transform, which you can use by specifying the -t parameter.

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That did the trick. Never thought to suppress the generation of the root directory thanks! Also for those using the same book as I that have this problem as it turns out you can find this information on pages 52-56 –  Jimmy Feb 26 '13 at 22:03

As ChrisPatrick suggested you can use the -srd to suppress the generation of the root directory and use your own with -dr.

heat.exe dir "C:\My Main Folder" -srd -dr "DIRNAMEHERE"

You can find more information here, heat documentation

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