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I am using a HorizontalListView that is provided here:


I am trying to programmatically select an item in the list and have it display, much like SetSelection in the normal listview. When I try SetSelection on the HorizontalListView it does not appear to work.

I was wondering if anyone has used this control and been able to get it to work?

Before I go looking through the code, I was checking to see if anyone has done this before and maybe I am just missing something.

Thanks for any help.

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The current implementation of SetSelection only works when Snap is true. You can try set CurrentScreen to your desired screen and then call SnapToDestination, that might work for you.

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I tried SetSelection but it did not seem to work. I did set Snap to true as per the comment in the HorizontalListView code. Basically I have two buttons on to scroll left and one to scroll right. I put the following in my Click handler for the two buttons: int nItem = _horiListView.CurrentScreen; and then _horiListView.SetSelection(nItem++); –  LilMoke Feb 27 '13 at 14:41
Also, I did not see a SnapToDestination Method and CurrentScreen is read-only. –  LilMoke Feb 27 '13 at 14:45

I have find the answer,you can see it here,user the method scrollToIndex

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