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I'm writing an app which leverages Ember.js, with Ember Data, and Socket.IO through Node.js. I'm trying to figure out the best way to receive data from a socket response and load it into my Ember Data store, such as this:

window.socket = io.connect('http://localhost');

socket.on('action here', function(response) {
  // how to load "response" JSON data into Ember Data store from here...?

Is the best (or only good) solution to write a custom DS.Adapter? Or is there another good, maintainable way to accomplish this?

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The best way is to write your own adaptor, but if you only need to load models(no save) you can get away with the adaptor's load method - something like this:

socket.on('single-model', function(response) {

socket.on('multiple-models', function(response) {
    for(i in response){

Define the adaptor as FixtureAdaptor.

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For the record, I ended up going with the answer proposed here:


Using that Ember.Instrumentation technique, I was able to facilitate calls to my controllers and access my store that way.

I realize that writing a custom adaptor may be necessary in many case, but it was beyond the required scope of my project, so this solution ended up being perfect.

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