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I am trying to solve this error for a long time, maybe i'm blind but I don't see what's wrong.

$query = "INSERT INTO `130225` (`vote`,`ip`) VALUES (".$_POST['130225'].",".$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'].");";
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What's your underlying database platform? – Kyle Hale Feb 26 '13 at 15:27

the IP was not enclose with single quotes (if it were a string),

$query = "INSERT INTO `130225` (`vote`,`ip`) VALUES (".$_POST['130225'].",'".$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']."');";
//                                                                        ^                           ^

As a sidenote, the query is vulnerable with SQL Injection if the value(s) of the variables came from the outside. Please take a look at the article below to learn how to prevent from it. By using PreparedStatements you can get rid of using single quotes around values.

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Looks like you are missing a few "'" where your values is.

$query = "INSERT INTO `130225` (`vote`,`ip`) VALUES ('".$_POST['130225']."','".$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']."');";

Its easier to troubleshoot queries if you paste them into your database. There will be a helpful(sometimes not..) error messages.

The error I get from you query is

#1054 - Unknown column 'text here' in 'field list'

Google this error and there will be hints on how to solve it.

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It's better to use prepared statement to avoid similar problems. Like this, you don't need to worry about quotes.

$mysqli = new mysqli('localhost', 'my_user', 'my_password', 'world');

Query must look like this:

$stmt = $mysqli->prepare("INSERT INTO 130225 (vote,ip) VALUES (?,?));

And then bind the parameters:

$stmt->bind_param('ss', $_POST['130225'],$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']);


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