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I have a partition /dev/sda3 and it is called /share.

$ df
/dev/sda3  /share

Now I need to write script to create directory called codedumps in /dev/sda3 but when I use the command

path "/share/"
mkdir $path"codedumps"

in shell script, it creates another directory inside /share partition called share and then inside that creates a directory codedumps. But I want it to create codedumps in /share partition itself it should be topmost directory in partition /dev/sda3 (i.e /share partiiton).

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2 Answers

How about

mkdir /$share/"codedumps"
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Do not use path variable, its a unix variable. cd

Or navigate to directory and then create directory

cd $share
mkdir codedumps

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$path isn't a environment variable, $PATH is. (remember it's case sensitive) –  KaeruCT Feb 26 '13 at 15:58
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