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We have an Enterprise CMS with a lot of services all of different kinds, some of them are windows services. I know about the IIS AppFabric extensions and the idea of having all the services running in a single box looks very exciting. To name a few IIS AppFabric advantages:

  • Single Hosting Environement
  • Improved Deployment
  • Service automation (auto-starts)
  • AppFabric Monitoring tools

I think these are the most general features that are not available in case of classic Win Services. There's a nice article out there on this. At the same time I realize that IIS is a web server and its general, if not the only, purpose is serving web requests and anything in relevance. Thus, I'm not sure should one opt for IIS AppFabric instead of classic Windows Services even taking into account all of the cool advantages mentioned above.

The question is, for what kind of services should we make use of IIS AppFabric? Have you, guys, such an experience, like migration of windows services to AppFabric? If yes, how was that? Have you had ever any issues with the AppFabric hosting? In other words, what are the options for IIS AppFabric and what for Classic Windows Services (maybe performance, reliability)?

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