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I use a home-grown system where the application updates itself from a web service. However, I seem to remember something in the original .NET sales pitch about auto-updating of components being a built-in feature of .NET. What are the best practices for having an application update itself and/or the assemblies it uses?

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You may want to take a look at the Click-Once technology. Some great examples in these references.



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@Jorge Ferreira: +1 ClickOnce is great, unfortunately you run into issues if your app is command line or is more complicated than a single executable. Otherwise, go go ClickOnce. –  user7116 Sep 29 '08 at 22:15
I actually can't use ClickOnce because it isn't currently supported by the Compact Framework (the app has to run on that also). I'm going to post another question excluding ClickOnce as an option. –  MusiGenesis Sep 29 '08 at 22:20
Click once is a bit of a hassle in the long run, as if the certificate expires, it offers no was of "bridging" to a new certificate. Your users have to suck it up, uninstall, and reinstall. –  Gregory Oct 19 '09 at 4:53
@Gregory: see my SO answer for an answer to this problem: stackoverflow.com/questions/726275/… –  RoadWarrior Oct 19 '12 at 16:20

Will ClickOnce do everything you want?

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