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I have a form with the below regex in, my issue is that when people paste in text from a word doc this symbol ' won't pass through the regex, where as is will when typed in.

I added /x27 which is what's allowing it to be typed into the formfield, and tried adding /x91 and /x92 also, to no avail.

Has anyone experience this issue before?

pattern="^([\w\s!@.,;:\*\%&"" \)\(\x2f \x5C\x27?-]){1,2050}$"

Symbol when typed (Allowed): '

Symbol when pasted (Not Allowed):

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Is there a reason you're using characters instead of just pasting ' and into the expression? – Bradley Moore Feb 26 '13 at 16:37
The problem is caused by having smart quotes being enabled in word. Before deciding how to code for this, you must first decide what you want to do about it. Maybe you want to allow them, maybe you want to convert them to straight quotes. – Dan Bracuk Feb 26 '13 at 16:49
@BradleyMoore Hi Bradley, putting the character in itself has worked! The reason I wasn't before is that the hex value had to be used for the ' character, as otherwise it breaks coldfusion's validation as it uses single quotes for the attributes of the form element! Thanks very much guys! Add it as an answer and I'll accept it. – user2111966 Feb 27 '13 at 14:15

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Answer from comments:

Use the literal character instead of \x27

Better answer:

Ditch that validation - it's just getting in the way, and provides no security.

Ideally, ditch cfform entirely and if you actually need validation, use one of the tools listed at

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