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I have some simple web services, retrieving information from a database and storing info in a database, written in C#, using IIS. My boss has asked that my boss I compile a very quick report on the performance of these web services for tomorrow. As an intern with no experience of this, I am wondering what are my options here ? I have roughly 2 hours to spend testing this.

What I have done :

  • Created 2 simple web tests with simple use case flows.
  • Created a load test using a step-load pattern which shows when the application breaks (how many concurrent users results in errors/queries not being returned).

What other important metrics are their to report on ? What are my other options for testing performance here that would be quick, dirty, and most effective ?

Thanks a lot

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Simplest Load testing with options on concurrent requests/threads - I use Apache Bench.

Here is a list of output that Bench gives you, maybe some of these metrics help your case.

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A couple places to check are ApacheBench which can tell you how many requests/sec you can handle in addition to other metrics.

Also available is the Microsoft Web Capacity Analysis Tool

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Is this appropriate to use with IIS ? – Simon Kiely Feb 26 '13 at 16:26
It should work, following the suggestion from this question – Jstone05 Feb 26 '13 at 16:30

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