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Just found this out, so i am answering my own question :)

Use a comma where you would normally use a colon. This can be a problem for named instances, as you seem to need to specify the port even if it is the default port 1433.


Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=,1433; Initial Catalog=Northwind; User Id=WebUser; Password=windy"
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I always check out It is a brilliant resource for connection strings.

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That's the website I use when I need to check specific settings in a connection string. –  Hector Sosa Jr Sep 29 '08 at 22:19

Good call BlackWasp, actually that is where i found the answer! (But it was somewhat buried, so i wrote this one which is hopefully clearer)

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I have to admit that I opened the SQL 2K5 page and it wasn't obvious without searching the page! –  BlackWasp Sep 29 '08 at 22:48

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