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I converted nicks blog example to ndb now this line fails:

self.send_blob(file_info.blob, save_as=True) 

with this error:

ValueError: Expected BlobInfo value for blob_key_or_info.

Rest of the class:

class FileDownloadHandler(blobstore_handlers.BlobstoreDownloadHandler):
   def get(self, file_id):
       file_info = models.FileInfo.get_by_id(long(file_id))

if not file_info or not file_info.blob:

#self.send_blob(file_info.blob, save_as=True)

Why did the result change?

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In NDB you have to use a ndb.BlobKeyProperty() to hold the blobkey.

To use it :

class FileInfo(ndb.Model):     
    blob_ref = ndb.BlobKeyProperty() 

file_info = models.FileInfo.get_by_id(... key_name ....)
self.send_blob(blobstore.BlobInfo.get(file_info.blob_ref), save_as=True)
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Thanks, that works, I just needed to change the send_blob (I had already converted the blob reference to ndb) self.send_blob(blobstore.BlobInfo.get(file_info.blob), save_as=True) – user784435 Feb 26 '13 at 17:20

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